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US Air Force Bloggers-Media Embark to Hawaii

In Print Media on March 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

By Dennis Hall, Founder of Avere Group

Aloha …

On September 14, Mark Diamond who took over for the former Public Affairs Officer with the headquarters of the US Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC), informed me that the Air Force elected to cancel the roundtrip embark to Hawaii.  The reason is that the Air Force aircraft involved budgetarily belong to the US Pacific Command or Pacific Air Forces based in Hawaii.  As the former PAO had undertaken this endeavor as an AMC funded training flight, the planning proceeded along since April.  Then, upon closer inspection, the leadership of AMC elected to cancel it.

The Vice Commander of AMC advised Mark Diamond that the AMC still can support an embark out of Travis AFB for bloggers, podcasters, and journalists to observe C-17 air-drops.  Therefore, there is a silver lining to the process of having gotten better acquainted with the Air Mobility Command.

On September 7, 2010, the Office of Public Affairs for the Air Mobility Command informed me that there would be a change of Public Affairs Officers for the embark.  Also, I was informed that the dates changed to October 1 – 7.  He asked me if this change meant the embark needed to be postponed.  I fedback that I would need to do a survey of those who had committed to the October 3-6 dates.

The outcome of the survey of committed participants was that some would still be able to participate, and yet others would need to sadly cancel.

On August 29, 2010, I submitted the names, contact information, and vitae-bio of bloggers, podcasters, and journalists to the US Air Force who responded to my Facebook posting, tweets, and direct invitations to participate in the Bloggers-Media Embark to Hawaii.

On August 31, 2010, Captain Amber Balken, Public Affairs Officer for the Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC), informed me that she approved my list of people, and that she would proceed with the planning and scheduling of the US Air Force transport for the embark.

The US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, based at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois (USA).

The United States Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, based at Scott Air Force Base – Illinois, informed me on August 6, 2010 that it is looking at either the span of four days of October 3-6, 2010 or three days of October 4-6 for implementing the roundtrip embark.  I will learn very soon as to the dates.

The Bloggers-Media Embark was to allow a group of 20 composed of a mix of bloggers, podcasters, and journalists to travel roundtrip to-from Hawaii (Oahu) via Travis Air Force Base, California aboard a US Air Force transport, e.g. C-17 Globemaster III.  The participants were to lodge and dine at Travis AFB, California most likely the night before the embark and then at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, hence the cost is conservatively $400 total per person.

The United States Air Force’s Air Mobility Command was absolutely gracious in offering Air Force leadership and roundtrip transportation to and from Oahu’s Hickam Air Force Base via Travis Air Force Base, California (near Silicon Valley).  This Bloggers-Media Embark would have allowed bloggers, podcasters, and journalists to observe United States Air Force operations, meet Air Force leadership at all levels, and hear briefings from the US Pacific Command, Pacific Air Forces, and Air Mobility Command.

In this interview, US Air Force General Raymond Johns, Commander of the Air Mobility Command, explains the roles and capabilities of the US Air Force Air Mobility Command for humanitarian relief and defense using air-refueling and transport aircraft.


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Bloggers’ Embarks to Hawaii & Illinois with Air Force

In Print Media on February 20, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Hawaii is the hub of humanitarian relief and national defense.  The US Pacific Command and the Pacific Air Force are based on Oahu.  Seeking to send out a planeload of bloggers-podcasters-journalists to see the operations, I requested support of our US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, based at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.  The Air Force responded most enthusiastically.

Currently the plan is for two bloggers’ emarks.  One will originate at Travis Air Force, California, home of the 60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW).  This embark involves our group of bloggers-podcasters-journalists flying roundtrip to Hickam AFB,  Hawaii probably using an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III transport seen above. The group would tour and be briefed at US Pacific Command, Pacific Air Force, and Air Mobility Wing operations in Hawaii.  The second embark involves bloggers-podcasters-journalists converging on Scott Air Force Base, IL.  There the group would meet leadership and support staff of the US Transportation Command, Air Mobility Command, 618th Tanker/Airlift Control Center and tour the headquarters and operations centers at Scott AFB.   These operations are key in the logistical operations of the Haiti relief and our military operations throughout the globe.  The KC-10 Extender air-refueling tanker is shown below.

More information, links, and pictures to soon follow.