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Submarine Bloggers-Media Embark – Fall 2010

In Print Media on April 6, 2010 at 10:17 pm

By Dennis Hall, Founder

Over the past couple of years, my networking with the US Navy has found me getting my feet wet into the undersea

US Navy Submarine

world of submarine operations.  It’s most intriguing! Lieutenant Commander Denise Garcia, Public Affairs Officer of Submarine Squadron 11, informed that the Bloggers-Media Embark aboard a Los Angeles-class submarine scheduled for June 22, 2010 is now postponed until the fall of 2010. She is allowing me to nominate ten bloggers or podcasters for eight seats with two in reserve should there be two who have to cancel for whatever reasons.

Having sent out inquiries, the following bloggers and podcasters replied expressing interest and providing me their vitaes:  Christopher Carfi, me … Dennis Hall, Gina Hughes, Jennifer Jones, Cali Lewis, Sarah Austin, and Robert Scoble.

This immersion is the result of my networking with Navy Lieutenant Jan Bowers, Public Affairs Officer of Naval Surface Force – Pacific.  SURFPAC, as its known, is based at Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) Coronado, also the home of the US Navy SEALs.  She and I coordinated the Bloggers-Media Embark involving bloggers flying aboard a Navy SH-60 Seahawk from NAS North Island near San Diego roundtrip to and from the USS Green Bay underway in the Pacific.  Lieuteant Jan Bowers referred me to her counterpart, Navy Lieutenant Commander Denise Garcia, the Public Affairs Officer of Submarine Squadron 11 based at Point Loma Submarine Base, San Diego, California.

During January, Lieutenant Commander Garcia forecast that our embark aboard a submarine out of Point Loma could occur either in May or June, but now it’s postponed to the fall.  I asked embark alumni for further referrals and introductions to more bloggers, podcasters, and journalists.  Charlene Li, Jennifer Van Grove, Andrew Nystrom, Jennifer Jones, and JD Lasica responded plentifully with a mix of Facebook friends, Twitter personalities, and popular blog and podcast personalities.   Over the past week, I have contacted several dozen of them with feedback of enthusiasm about these opportunities that are a chance of a lifetime.  Some expressed essentially that being in the Navy realm would render them as a fish out of water, but willing to make a go of it.

One immediate benefit was that I was able to nominate Amanda Congdon, podcaster, for an embark to the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier.  The Navy’s Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the Commander – Naval Air Forces – Pacific, accepted my nomination and invited her. She embarked out and back to the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier during Sunday and Monday of April 25 and 26.   She’s been posting about it for days now!

Jennifer Van Grove

Jennifer Van Grove, editor with Mashable, during early 2010 embarked underway aboard the USS Hampton submarine.  She immediately posted video and photos to her Facebook page inspiring me to promptly request support from Lieutenant Commander Denise Garcia for a Blogger-Media Embark.  She agreed … forecasting May or June.  Meanwhile I commented on Jennifer’s post as did also one of her Facebook friends who had served in the Navy.

Dennis Hall

Jennifer … Your video is amazing! Within eight months now you’ve embarked on the USS Nimitz, the USS Green Bay, and now the sub USS Hampton … You’ve experienced aircraft carrier, amphibious assault troop transport, and now submarine life. Amazing! Congratulations!

This was followed by one of her Facebook friends who served in the Navy:

Boarding USS Hampton

Egbert Oostburg

Jenny, Dennis is right! I spent 10 years in the Navy and did not get to experience all those platforms! How did you find

the accomodations?

Jennifer Van Grove

tight! I don’t think I could live on a sub and have just a few inches of personal space… I do however commend the sub’s captain for his interest in keeping crew morale high in spite of space limitations. That definitely came across as a priority.

All participants will pay their own expenses to travel roundtrip to and from the vicinity of NAS North Island near San Diego, CA.  Each participant will lodge in or near San Diego on the night of June 21, as show time at Point Loma Submarine Base is 7:30 a.m. on June 22.

I may be contact at ContactDennisHall@gmail.com.  I’m on Facebook: Avere Group, and Twitter: @AvereGroup.

As more information surfaces, I will update this post.  Anchors Aweigh!