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Meeting with Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations – US Navy

In Print Media on August 6, 2010 at 11:34 am

Admiral Gary Roughead & Dennis Hall, Founder - Avere Group

The staff of Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations – US Navy (CNO), is aware that I have a strong network of friends and contacts in Silicon Valley.  On July 23, 2010, the staff contacted me asking on short notice if I could attract high-level executives to a meeting with Admiral Gary Roughead in San Francisco, CA on August 5, 2010.

Pictures from the meeting appear here, and I posted my album on Facebook as well. My Facebook page may be found using Search, Avere Group.

E-mail, social media connections, and old-fashioned telephoning came to bear in bringing this eclectic group together successfully within five working days.  Participating in the meeting with the CNO, staff, and me on August 5, 2010 at the Marines Memorial Hotel in San Francisco, CA were the following:

Bill Reichert, Managing Director – Garage Technology Ventures (garage.com);

Charlene Li, Founder – Altimeter Group (Altimeter.com);

Tina Swallow, Maritime Defense Initiatives Manager, Cisco Systems (cisco.com);

Don Proctor, Senior Vice President – Office of the Chairman & CEO, Cisco Systems (cisco.com);

Lyle Fong, President of Lithium Technologies (lithium.com);

Ben Renda, Adwords Manager, Google;

Dr. Bud Tribble, Vice President of Technology, Apple, Inc. (apple.com); and,

Dennis Hall, Founder, Avere Group (averegroup.wordpress.com)

The purpose of our meeting was to discuss three key matters:

How to attract people to serve in the Navy who have high aptitude for technology;

How to structure the Navy with such people, e.g. active duty, reserves, and contractors; and,

How to implement usage of new technology for the Navy in the future.

Admiral Gary Roughead & Tina Swallow - Cisco Systems

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