Documentary: US Air Force Thunderbirds

My recent documentary is America’s Team, Being a US Air Force Thunderbird.  Its short, inspiring video preview is posted on-line: America’s Team, Being a US Air Force Thunderbird.  It is currently broadcasting from Public Broadcasting Affiliates (PBS.org) throughout the nation.  Over 50 million viewers nationwide cumulatively have seen this documentary due to over 360 affiliate stations broadcasting it several times each on average.   Foreign affiliates broadcast it as well.  I produced America’s Team with John Campbell and Paul FrederickHoneywell Corporation was our sole sponsor.  America’s Team addresses the mystique and realm of US Air Force personnel serving in the coveted US Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron know as the Thunderbirds.

The documentary does focus some illumination on Major Nicole Malachowski, the first-ever woman Thunderbirds pilot.  She flew the F-16C in the Right Wing position.  The DVD edition is sold through Amazon.com.

  1. The DVD looks amazing! Thank you for the years of joy you’ve given me at the many airshows. I was 8 and the Thunderbirds 3 years old at my 1st show. You inspired me then, you inspire me now. You amazed my children and now my Grandchildren. God bless America, thank God for Men and Women like yourselves and may God keep our Country safe and free. Thank you all for your service!

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