About Avere Group

Dennis Hall is founder of Avere Group, pronounced “A-Very” Group.   Avere stems from the Italian word for “hold”.  Avere Group asserts development and implementation of projects that holds one’s attention.

Avere Group is a multimedia production business in California (USA) involving documentary production, literary works and journalism, and blogging.  Currently, the business is implementing a strategy of commissioning independent consultants to find and secure documentary and short-film financial sponsors and advertisers  for a variety of productions.

In addition to its media productions, Avere Group develops and implements Bloggers-Media Embarks as a community service for bloggers-podcasters-journalists and authors globally.  The focus of Bloggers’ Embarks is to take bloggers-podcasters-journalists as small and large groups together on extraordinary adventures to fascinating, mysterious places.  Guy Kawasaki and Dennis both embarked to separate Navy aircraft carriers.  Following Guy’s embark, he voiced his idea of a bloggers’ embark to an aircraft carrier.  Dennis and Guy coordinated one with the Navy which was accomplished during May 2009 to the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) aircraft carrier.  Its success put into motion what is now a series.  The bloggers’ embarks include embarkations to and from Navy vessels underway at sea using Navy airplanes with tailhooks and catapults or helicopters, tour of San Quentin Prison, and to the CHP Academy near Sacramento, CA.  Dennis confers with Guy in developing more Blogger-Media Embarks continually, for example the Air Force is supporting flying a group roundtrip to Hawaii to see Air Force operations on the island of Oahu.  Bloggers-podcasters participating thus far include the following: Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble, Beth Blecherman, Chris Pirillo, Charlene Li, Andy Sernovitz, Bill Reichert, Jennifer Lawson (jenny the bloggess), Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Leo, Jennifer Van Grove, Pamela Slim, Gina Hughes, and Jeremiah Owyang.  New bloggers-podcasters expressing interest include Steve Wozinak or “Woz“, Chris Brogan, and JD Lasica.  No sponsors currently financially support Bloggers’ Embarks.  Participants pay their own travel and lodging expenses to participate.  Government agencies, e.g. the Navy and Air Force, converge their training operations with the bloggers’ embarks.

Dennis and Malcolm Forbes of Forbes magazine were business partners before Mr. Forbes’ premature death.  Dennis and Malcolm Forbes developed a literary project that illuminated both the Forbes hot-air balloons and Malcolm Forbes’ inspirational quotations and sayings.  They completed the project and made money.  It was truly a phenomenal experience.  In the process, Dennis and his wife met Malcolm Forbes’ son Tim Forbes at a launch party at the St. James Club in Los Angeles. He also became acquainted with Malcolm Forbes’ son Bob Forbes through the project.  While Dennis’ business relationship concluded following the project, Dennis continued to contribute story ideas to Forbes magazine with two being accepted by Christopher Buckley, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes FYI, later Forbes Life magazine.

Dennis is acknowledged in seven bestselling novels for his contributions to their creative development.  Each of Dale Brown’s novels earned top-ten rankings on The New York Times Bestsellers List.  Dennis assisted in the creative development of Silver Tower, Day of the Cheetah, Hammerheads, Sky Masters, Night of the Hawk, Chains of Command, and Storming Heaven.

Dennis was coauthor of the book titled The Greatest Adventure, a compilation of essays by astonauts and cosmonauts about their experiences exploring space.

Dennis contributes to the blog titled PassionateForLife.com/magazine.

Dennis Hall may be reached at ContactDennisHall@gmail.com.  The word “Contact” is part of his e-mail address.  Twitter is … @AvereGroup … Facebook:  Avere Group


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