Bloggers-Media Tweet-in @ Haight Ashbury, man

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Haight & Ashbury

Here is an update on the proposed Haight-Ashbury Bloggers-Media Embark.  I am working to establish the Saturday date for the event.  I am in contact with various people in Haight Ashbury to bring together a truly memorable tweetin-in.  I will post additional information and outreach to bloggers-podcasters-media and others soon.

As founder of Avere Group, I was strolling to think of new projects when I passed by the Peace Market of a city near San Francisco.  I was dropping some breath mints when it occurred to me because of the retro look of the market … which actually is original … as to how far we’ve come in 43 years since the Summer of Love.  I decided to put out an e-mail inquiry of interest for a tweet-in for Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

Top blogger-podcasters are collectively replying ‘far out!’  I’m awaiting more replies before establishing when we’ll make the scene.

My idea is for social media people of all walks of life to converge on Haight Ashbury during a Saturday for a Tweet-in, to relish communal support, dine, shop, play guitars, and chat.

If there is enough interest, I’ll be contacting the Bay Area,  Silicon Valley area, and national media letting them know about it, plus asking that we have some interviews, e.g. with television, podcasting, newspapers, magazines, etc. beforehand to get publicity.  I have a feeling this could swell to Yes concert or Woodstock proportions.

Back in the Summer of Love of ’67, co-eds and other people of society posted analog messages on cork boards, telephone poles, handed out fliers, and placed phone calls to get the word out about parties, gatherings, and concerts in the Haight Ashbury environ.  It’d be great to gather there and use current social media to share the mass experience.

You may drop me a line at ContactDennisHall@gmail.com or @AvereGroup.

Don’t tune out.  Peace, Dennis


  1. Dennis, sounds like a great idea. You’ve really come up with a great string of blogging opportunities. Hope this one gets launched! Have fun, sorry that I can’t be there. Doug

    • Hello Doug … Thank you! I thought it’d be fun to see the historical past and have a historic tweet-in, too of contemporary times. Peace : )

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