Blue Impulse & Frecce Tricolori 50th Anniversaries’ Publicity

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Blue Impulse Patch

Dennis Hall, Founder, Avere Group

Military air demonstration teams abound worldwide.  There are the following: Japan – Blue Impulse;  the US Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels;  Canada – the Snowbirds; Great Britain – the Red Arrows; Italy – its Frecce Tricolori; and, Republic of Korea – Black Eagles.    Japan and Italy this year during 2010 celebrate the 50th Anniversaries of Blue Impulse and Frecce Tricolori, respectively.

Avere Group is illuminating the 50th Anniversary of Blue Impulse and Frecce Tricolori by proliferating media stories via traditional media and blogs about the teams’ fascinating five decades of history.  Avere Group is currently seeking financial sponsors for the one-hour documentary illuminating Blue Impulse and Frecce Tricolori for television broadcast worldwide and DVD edition with Special Features.

During early January 2010, I began correspondence with Colonel Yoshinori Ozaki, Air Attache with the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC.  Colonel Ozaki conducted liaison with officials of the Japanese Ministry of Defense who oversee operations of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force and it Blue Impulse squadron.  Very recently, Colonel Ozaki notified me that Mr. Tokeshi Kawamura is my primary contact in Japan.  During this process, I also got acquainted with a three-year Blue Impulse alumnus in Japan with the Ministry of Defense named Colonel Shinichi ‘Viper’ Oso.   ‘Viper’ flew the Left Wing position on Blue Impulse for three years during the latter part of the 1990s.  In fact, he flew as part of the Blue Impulse airshow in the United States at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, during 1997.  The Blue Impulse came to America to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the United States Air Force.  Mr. Tokeshi Kawamura informed me on May 14, 2010 that the Blue Impulse would afford me one day to interview its pilots and tour the facilities for Blue Impulse in Japan.

When this documentary production gets underway, I will contact John Roos, US Ambassador to Japan, in Japan.  He is the former CEO of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati law firm based in Silicon Valley.

Outside of the formal structure of the two national governments, assisting Dennis with this endeavor has been professional Japanese photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga. He has been most helpful with networking in Japan, as “Katsu” flies with the Blue Impulse to take incredible aerial shots of them performing their maneuvers from the cockpit while sustaining punishing gravitational loads upon himself during maneuvers that rise against gravity’s pressure.

During January 2010, I also contacted Frecce Tricolori.  Its Public Affairs Officer – Major Saia Andrea and Commander – Colonel Marco Lant, are assisting me currently.  Colonel Marco Lant posts to Facebook.  I recommend following him, as he posts great albums showing the daily lives of the squadron and its flying of airshows.  I also recommend becoming a Fan on Facebook of Frecce Tricolori.

The Blue Impulse pilots for 2010 are the following:


Lieutenant Colonel Hideaki Yamagushi (SQ Commander)

Lieutenant Colonel Takuya Watanabe

Major Tsutomu Yasuda

Left Wing

Captain Yoshinobu Satomi

Right Wing

Captain Akihiro Harada

1ST Lieutenant Yuji Okoshi


Captain Yuichiro Hamai

Lead Solo

Major Hiroyuki Igawa

Opposite Solo

Captain Ryo Makino

Captain Hideaki Inoue

Blue Impulse 2010 Airshow Schedule

April 4, 2010   Foundation memorial of the Kumagaya Air Base : Kumagaya city, Saitama
May 5              MCAS Iwakuni
May 22            Unabara(the Ocean) Festival : Taisha bay, Shimane
May 23            Miho Air Base
June 6              Hofu Air Base
June 13            60th Anniversary of the 2nd Div. / Foundation memorial of Camp Asahikawa, JGSDF : Asahikawa city, Hokkaido
July 19             Komatsushima Harbor Festival : Komatsushima city, Tokushima
July 25             Hyakuri Air Base
August 1         Ishinomaki River Festival : Ishinomaki city, Miyagi
August 8         Chitose Air Base
August 21       Summer Festival : Higashi-Matsushima city, Miyagi
August 22       Matsushima Air Base
September 11  100th Anniversary of the Antarctic expedition by Lt. Shirase : Akita city, Akita
September 19  Misawa Air Base
September 25  The National Athletic Meet in Chiba (the Opening Celemony, maybe) : Chiba city, Chiba
September 26  50th Anniversary of the Northeastern Army, JGSDF : Sendai city, Miyagi
October 3        Komatsu Air Base
October 17      Hamamatsu Air Base
October 24      Gifu Air Base
November 3    Iruma Air Base
November       Foundation memorial of the National Defense Academy : Yokosuka city, Kanagawa
November 14  Tsuiki Air Base
November 28  Ashiya Air Base
December 12  Naha Air Base
December 19  Nyutabaru Air Base
March 2011     Opening Ceremony of the Kyushu Shinkansen : Fukuoka city, Fukuoka

Captain Jason McCree, Public Affairs Officer with the US Air Force Thunderbirds, is assisting Dennis with interviews of Thunderbirds who flew at the Misawa Air Force Base, Japan airshow during 2009.  The Thunderbirds and Blue Impulse both flew at that airshow, so interviewing Thunderbirds provides Dennis with insight into the cultural and procedural similarities and differences of the two military air demonstration teams.  The Thunderbirds are also supporting Dennis with digital video and photography from that particular airshow showing the interactions of the two squadrons via ceremonies, dinners, etc.

At the very minimum, Avere Group will be proliferating media stories globally about this historic 50th Anniversary of Blue Impulse throughout the world.  In so doing, millions of people of several nations will come to be acquainted with Blue Impulse.

For more information, contact Dennis Hall at ContactDennisHall@gmail.comAvereGroup.WordPress.com, @AvereGroup

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