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Welcome to Macintosh, Documentary

In Print Media on January 3, 2010 at 1:15 pm

On January 4, 2010, CNBC will broadcast the documentary titled, “Welcome to Macintosh”

at 9:30 EST.

Among the former Apple executives interviewed in the documentary is Guy Kawasaki.




See what Steve Wozniak said about Welcome to Macintosh at Macworld 2009!

“Welcome to Macintosh” is the first documentary of its kind to mix history, criticism and an unapologetic revelry of all things Apple into a movie experience. The film explores the early years of Apple, the many challenges Apple has faced, and what the future may hold for the company and it’s products. Ex-Apple employees, engineers and community members offer insight on the company’s innovations, failures, cultural impact and what the future may be like beyond the reign of its co-founder Steve Jobs. Interviews include notable Apple personalities Andy Hertzfeld, co-creator of the original Macintosh, Guy Kawasaki, long time Mac evangelist, Leander Kahney, author of the book “Cult of Mac”, Jim Reekes, creator of the Macintosh start-up sound and Ron Wayne, original co-founder of the Apple Computer Company.

With acceptance in five international film festivals, “Welcome to Macintosh” is reaching its goal of bringing the story of Apple and the Macintosh to the new generation of iPhone and iPod users around the world.

The DVD goes far beyond the movie, offering more that 3 hours of in-depth stories and experiences that made the Apple and the Mac what it is today.

The is widescreen, NTSC and Region Free without restriction. It includes an iPod + iTunes compatible DRM Free Digital Bonus Version, extended interviews, a “making of” featurette, theatrical trailers, behind the scenes photo journal, Mac symbiosis montage, interactive menus as well as subtitles in English and Spanish.

“Welcome to Macintosh – The documentary for the rest of us.” is an independent motion picture and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. Macintosh, iPod and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

“Welcome to Macintosh is a work of art devoted to the passion that lies in being a Mac-Fan, lovingly created by Mac-Fans” – Mac Life Magazine, Germany

“Welcome to Macintosh is required viewing for any Mac user, new or old.” James Savage, RetroMacCast

“Welcome to Macintosh is an informative and entertaining film for the computer illiterate and Mac geeks alike. – Jason Dean, The Capital Times, Madison WI.

“A great movie that showcases the spirit behind Apple and the Mac.”

Tony Walla, Associate Editor, Typical Mac User Podcast


* Himself: Wayne Bibbens

* Himself: Vince Briel

* Himself: Charles DeVore

* Himself: Richard Halsey

* Himself: Andy Hertzfeld

* Himself: Drew Hudgins

* Himself: Leander Kahney

* Himself: Guy Kawasaki

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* Himself: John Moltz

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* Himself: Wayne Wenzlaff